TONYMOLY Master Lab Intensive Brightening Vitamin-C Sheet Mask 19g


TONYMOLY Master Lab Intensive Brightening Vitamin-C Sheet Mask consists of a sheet mask with the ability to hydrate your skin and improve the skin’s own collagen production. In other words, this mask contains in its formulation a serum rich in Vitamin C, which is the key ingredient. This way, your skin gains a new protection from the sun’s rays while it gets brighter and even.

This mask belongs to the Master Lab Sheet Mask Collection whose main objective is the creation of masks made of natural cellulose. In this way, its active ingredients are more easily absorbed into the skin allowing each formula that targets a specific skin to have more effect on the skin. On the other hand, these masks are thin enough that they mold perfectly to the contours of the face to effectively and evenly deliver the concentrated serum.

In short, this mask is ideal to brighten the skin and even out your complexion. At the same time, this serum fades some of your skin’s pigmentation and brown spots. Plus, it boosts the skin’s own collagen production so you can look rejuvenated. This way, your skin will look younger in just 20 minutes!


  • Texture: sheet mask;
  • Skin issues: dehydration, pigmentation and brown spots;
  • Time of application: whenever you want;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: moisturizes your skin while brightens and evens your complexion; helps fade pigmentation and brown spots; improves skin collagen production


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