Sunaroma Peppermint Oil Alpine Rose Soap 8oz


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Fight acne and reveal smooth, radiant skin although widely associated with teenagers, acne can be a problem at any stage of life. Whether it’s a breakout on your chin or blemishes on your back and shoulders, red, irritated skin can be embarrassing, taking a toll on your self-confidence. Sunaroma Peppermint Oil Alpine Rose Soap 8oz provides a specially formulated three-step system that helps make acne a problem of the past first, peppermint oil dives deep into pores to clean out the bacteria that can lead to pimples and whiteheads. You’ll experience an invigorating tingling sensation that leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed next, Tasmanian pepper berry uses its anti-inflammatory properties to calm aggravated skin and visibly reduce redness it also provides gentle exfoliation, removing dead cells to help prevent clogged pores.


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