Nano Extra White Carrot & Papaya Soap 160g1


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Nano extra white pure herbal papaya soap and carrot soap has an element of Glutathione, with vitamin A and C which help to reduce oil acne, melanoma, and freckles on your face and shedding cells to whiten your skin. The enzyme from Nano Extra White Carrot & Papaya Soap 160g1 helps remove deteriorated skin cells resulting in your skin being bright, gentle, and refreshed.


Key Benefits

  • Itching, dryness, dark marks, and premature aging can be reduced easily by using this product, without compromising the removal of sunburn effect from your neck and face, especially with no nano extra white soap side effects.
  • Healing process is faster while using nano soap, as all damaging tissues are rejuvenated easily. For the best result, use with pure herbal papaya fruity soap 4 in 1 skin whitening soap.




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