Dove Relaxing Body Wash 225 Ml


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Enjoy softer, smoother skin after just one shower with Dove Relaxing Body Wash 225 Ml. Dove moisturising and microbiome gentle formula provides instant softness and lasting care for your skin. This relaxing Dove body wash wraps you in a cloud of rich, creamy lather, infused with the floral scent of jasmine and nourishing coconut milk, for a soothing sensory experience that will leave you feeling truly relaxed. Dove Relaxing Body Wash ensures your microbiome (your skin’s living protective layer) is given the nutrients it needs to protect itself and minimise skin dryness. This moisturising body wash is made with mild cleansers to help your skin maintain its natural balance and deliver skin nourishment simultaneously. Enjoy the rich, creamy lather and a fresh fragrance combination of jasmine petals and coconut milk, leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered. The mild, gentle formula is kind to your skin, making Dove Relaxing Body Wash great for all skin types.




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