Beauty Formulas Brightening Nourishing Gold Facial Mask


Beauty Formulas Nourishing honeycomb gold facial mask is formulated with a blend of moisturising ingredients to ensure your skin hydrates and stays healthy. Sodium hyaluronate helps maintain the skins moisture Helping your skin to feel firmer and fresher. All this is delivered in the innovative honeycomb mask just place the ask across the face enjoying the benefits as you relax.

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Gold Norishing Facial Mask is a nourishing sheet mask from the famous British brand Beauty Formulas. Its use will help to obtain a tonic, regenerating and rejuvenating result at home, comparable to anti-aging salon care. Hyaluron and microparticles of colloidal 24k gold in the composition, with which the soft base of the mask is impregnated, gives the skin deep hydration, removes wrinkles and other signs of age-related changes, and also provides a lifting effect. Hyaluronic acid works in the deep layers of the epidermis, saturating it with essential trace elements and life-giving moisture, retains it in the cells.

In just 10-20 minutes of use, the Beauty Formulas mask noticeably smoothes, tightens and refreshes skin of any type, strengthens it, maintains its tone and makes it elastic. The contours of the face become clearer, its tone is even. By stimulating cell renewal and blood circulation, saturating cells with oxygen, Gold Norishing Facial Mask gives the face a radiant, youthful and attractive look. A pleasant “bonus” is a light natural blush and matte skin tone, as well as getting rid of dryness and flaking.

Mode of application

Apply the mask evenly to the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes. After this time, remove and gently massage the excess liquid into the skin.






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